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Aman Gupta, the founder of THE STOPMOTION CO., currently serves as a stop-motion director/animator at Studio Eeksaurus. His dedication to stop-motion has been a guiding light throughout his professional journey.

THE STOPMOTION CO. was conceived during Aman's student years, driven by the lack of stop-motion equipment in India. Situated in Jaipur, Rajasthan, the operations of THE STOPMOTION CO. have thrived thanks to the unwavering support of Aman's family. The venture has transformed into a platform for advocating Indian Animation.

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Aman Gupta, stopmotion animator

In 2020, amidst the global pandemic, Aman, an animation student, refused to let the stillness of the world hold him back. Embracing his passion for animation, he delved into the world of Stop-Motion. However, he soon encountered a roadblock – the absence of professional tools hindered his progress. Struggling with the financial constraints of acquiring such equipment, Aman improvised, fashioning makeshift stands to support his cardboard models during his graduation project.

Upon completing his graduation film, Aman recognized the indispensability of proper tools and observed the transformative capabilities of rigs in the animation process. Determined to address the scarcity of resources in India, he embarked on a journey of crafting his own rigs through relentless trial and error.

After a year of refining his skills, Aman's ingenuity blossomed into the conception of the Stop-Motion Company. This initiative aimed to democratize Stop-Motion across the nation, ensuring accessibility to essential tools and equipment for aspiring animators. Through his venture, Aman sought to empower individuals to explore Stop-Motion without the burden of equipment unavailability.

Aman gupta, stopmotion animator
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