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TSCAR2: Standard Human Armature

TSCAR2: Standard Human Armature

The most important element of any stop-motion puppet is its armature. This is essentially the skeleton. It holds the puppet’s shape and allows it to stay in solid and stable positions when animating.



Balls in rods are obtained by turning calibrated steel rods of 5 mm diameter, in order to provide rigidity and durability to the whole because they can’t break apart as soldered ones.


• All parts are made in India. 

• 21cm-8 inches in height and weight 157 grams 

• Made using stainless steel, aluminum (non-corrosive material).

• Total of 12 engineered joints.

• M3 threaded holes are provided in the foot section for tie-downs.

• Armature is highly customizable according to your needs (may require additional purchase).

• Rigging Point on both Pelvis and Chest part to hold puppet in Air.

• Parts will come assembled.



Package Include:

▪ 9 Bone sticks

▪ 8 * JL6 Joints

▪ 3 * J6 Joints

▪ 2 * JF Joints

▪ 2 * Hand attachment

▪ 2 * Leg attachment



Package Dimension:

6.25" x 3.25" x 2" (in inches)

  • Assembly required


₹6,999.00 Regular Price
₹5,949.15Sale Price
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