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Rewind to 2020 the year of the pandemic, while the world was at a standstill, me being an animation student couldn’t sit still. So, I started Stop-Motion animation I always loved the medium but this time I had the time to explore it. It was going well at the start but I started to notice the need for professional tools. Their non-availability became a hindrance in my progress. Due to the costly nature of these, I found myself in situations where I could not afford these tools and equipment. As I started working on my graduation film, I had to construct makeshift aluminum stands to hold the cardboard models in place. 
After finishing my graduation project, I noticed my own requirements and observed all the things rigs can do, with the assistance they provide during the process of animation. I started making my own rigs, making them better and better, with a year full of trial and error, I was able to create rigs and armature which I was happy with. Which led me to the idea of bringing all these resources to India and making them available to people who are interested in Stop-Motion or are working with it.
This gave birth to Stop-Motion Company, an initiative to widen the growth of Stop-Motion across the country. Make more people approach Stop-Motion without being worried about the availability of the tools and equipment that can assist them in making their animation.     

Rigs Joints
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